Warranty Information

All units come a with 1 Year Engine Warranty + 6 months Defective Parts Warranty. Please note this warranty will under no circumstances covers labor or any other fees that may arise due to a warranty issue unless approved by Neptune Cycles and Sports. This warranty covers parts only. This is a brand new unit and sometimes requires minor adjustments. Each unit comes with an owner’s manual requires oil changes and special handling for break in procedures. Labor charges are $56.00 per hour for work not covered by warranty. Labor is only included if approved by Neptune Cycles and Sports customer service. 

This warranty does not include pick up or delivery of unit, all warranty work requires you as the owner to deliver the unit back to a service center designated by Neptune Cycles and Sports. Neptune’s does offer pickup and delivery service price based on distance and schedule contact Neptune Cycles and Sports customer service @ (404) 719-4220 directly for pick up services. Warranty becomes null and void if any required service is not maintained as described below: ALL UNITS MUST UNDERGO A MINIMUM OF ONE ANNUAL SERVICE BY A CERTIFIED NETUNE CYCLES TECH FOR THIS WARRANTY TO BE VALID. (Cost reduced to $78.00 for Neptune custones for an annual inspection) You must have documentation of service history. * Oil Changes & Filter Change as defined in the owner’s manual. * Air & Fuel Filter Replacement as required * Spark Plug Replacement as required. Tires and batteries are not covered under this warranty. 90 day warranties are seperate from vehicle warranties 90 day warranties cover parts and malfuctions only. All 90 day warranty claims must be shipped back to Neptune Cycles and Sports for replacement or repair. Contact customer care for a return athouration number and directions 888-326-7811. Thank you. Neptune Cycles and Sports does not warranty abuse, misuse or normal ware of units. Any questions related to the warranty of this unit contact Neptune Cycles and Sports @ (404) 719-4220 Neptune Cycles and Sports reserves the right to cancel the warranty of customers that do not comply with the terms and conditions of this sale at any time.